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Estilo: Berliner Weisse

Alcohol: 4.2%

IBUS: 18



Bright appearance and pale color, Nicely carbonated giving fine and continuous bubbles.



Very refreshing beer, slightly acidic and citric notes and fruity by blood orange.



Very soft and refreshing beer, reminiscent of sparkling and fruity ciders and  wines. There is a reason why this style is called “The champagne of the north”.

  • Only packs of purchase of multiple 12 or 24 will be accepted. If you want to assemble your custom pack, do it from here.
Unit (only purchase of packs) Unit


Perfect with mild or slightly sour flavors, soft raw milk cheeses, salads, fish and white meat, etc.


Water, barley malt, wheat malt, sanguinelli oranges, hops and yeast.


Heliodora was waiting uneasily at the end of the road. At the end of February his father always brought him sanguinelli oranges from the market. With the mountains still covered in snow, in the depths of winter, those blood-red fruits seemed to announce the warm spring breeze. The history of orange trees in the Mediterranean has a long journey. They came from China a thousand years ago, when it was a bitter fruit that was used as medicine and seasoning. They adapted so well to their new home that they spontaneously produced a multitude of new varieties until, in 1646, Italian botanist Gian Battista Ferrari first described the red pigment in citrus. The different varieties of blood oranges traveled for centuries in sailing boats and became popular throughout Europe thanks to their resistance on long trips. But Heliodora never forgot them. The Mediterranean sun had reserved her gift in Altea, where she found the trees that had intrigued her since childhood. Now, every February, he goes to his centennial garden with the illusion of a girl to collect the sanguinelli oranges that are added to this Berliner weisse. A wheat beer, made according to the old recipe that at the beginning of the 20th century was about to disappear. It is soft, refreshing and slightly sour, with the touch of color and aroma that these special citrus fruits give it. Prussian tradition and Mediterranean character.

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