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Estilo: American Amber Ale

Alcohol: 5.7%

IBUS: 30



Copper-colored with reddish edges, shiny and with a prominent and creamy foam. 



Fruity and tropical aromas like papaya and passion fruit balanced with  caramel notes of malt.



Fresh, but full-bodied, with a balance between the freshness provided by hops and the sweetness of caramel malts.

  • Only packs of purchase of multiple 12 or 24 will be accepted. If you want to assemble your custom pack, do it from here.
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Pair with intense flavors such as cured, spicy cheeses, meats and spicy stews.


Water, barley malt, hops and yeast.


Mary Read was born around 1690 in London, England. Her mother passed her off as a child seeking financial support from her alleged paternal grandmother. Under his male alter ego he grew up and enlisted in a ship as a sailor, later leaving him to enlist in the English army, standing out in battle, and later re-enlisting in a ship. During a voyage, Mary's ship was attacked and captured by pirate Jack Rackham and fellow pirate Anne Bonny. Still dressed as a man, Mary was recruited by the pirates. Over time his true identity was discovered, which did not pose any problem for the dreaded Rackham. While sailing in the Caribbean Sea, Read fell in love with one of the crew and they married according to the rites of piracy. On October 20, 1720, Captain Barnet's troops, dispatched by the Governor of Jamaica, captured Rackham and his crew, most of whom were drunk and did not resist. Rackham and his crew were sentenced to hang for piracy. Mary Read and Anne Bonny claimed to be pregnant, and received a stay of execution. Mary Read died in early 1721 of a fever while still in prison. In honor of Read, Cornamusa is born, a Spanish nautical word chosen to give its name to this American Red Ale style beer. DON’T TRUST THE SERENITY OF THE SEA, NO MATTER HOW CALM IT SEEMS.

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