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Estilo: IPA

Alcohol: 6%

IBUS: 60



A bright golden beer with a creamy, white and persistent head.



This is a daring beer that is decidedly hoppy due to its extra dry hopping, which gives it fresh citrus, resinous and fruity notes.



In aftertaste we will notice a soft and fresh bitterness and hop flavor that will remain in the memory.

  • Only packs of purchase of multiple 12 or 24 will be accepted. If you want to assemble your custom pack, do it from here.
Unit (only purchase of packs) Unit


Perfect pairing for salads, spicy foods, meats, cheeses ...


Water, barley malt, hops and yeast.


This beer is inspired by the gripping tale of the brave Ching Shih, the most powerful pirate in the South China Sea. The story goes that one night in 1785 Ching Shih was born in the city of Canton, and converted from a girl into a hustler, at the age of 16 she worked in a brothel in the same city. Later, she met the one who would become her husband, Zheng Yi, a powerful pirate and owner of the Red Flag fleet. Ching demonstrated his expertise at the command of the fleet, achieving enormous fame by forging alliances with his competitors in a large pirate coalition. Thus was born one of the most powerful fleets in the world, completely led by Ching after the death of her husband in 1807. The cunning pirate dedicated her life to business and military strategy, reaching 80,000 men under her command, including women, children, farmers and spies. Ching Shih showed his intelligence to the end, preferring to retire from piracy and live in peace until he was 69 years old.

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