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Estilo: Smoke Imperial Stout

Alcohol: 10.4%

IBUS: 44



Full-bodied dark beer with a creamy and persistent tan color head



Smokey and exotic notes thanks to the special touch of tonka bean that combines with the aromas of chocolate and mocha from roasted malts.



Complex and intense beer, with flavors of dark chocolate and a mixture of sweet, vanilla and smoked notes.

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Perfect beer to combine with desserts or cheeses on the table. Sweet pairings such as chantilly cream, nougat, chocolate, etc., or blue, creamy or intense cheeses.


Water, Barley Malt, Smoked Barley Malt, Oat Flakes, Hops, Tonka Bean and Yeast.


In 1811, in the framework of the Napoleonic Wars, the English captain George S. Goldroll carried out the feat of transporting aboard the 800-gallon merchant frigate Windward from Imperial Stout to the port of St. Petersburg, circumventing the French-imposed Continental Blockade on British trade. After a random journey, skirting the Scandinavian coasts, weathering storms and avoiding enemy ships and icebergs, he managed to reach the court of the tsars. This successful journey would endow the Imperial Stout with smoky and exotic notes that would make it exceptional. Heir to those epic journeys, BARLOVENTO was born, an intense and robust beer thanks to the smoked notes and the special touch of the tonka bean that give it that unique character. Designed for authentic sailors, made to taste in a good glass and thus appreciate its thick cinnamon-colored foam and feel how its complex, rich and deep flavor reaches the senses. Because A SMOOTH SEA NEVER MADE A SKILLED SAILOR

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