Althaia Alisios

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Estilo: GOSE

Alcohol: 3,8%

IBUS: 18



Soft pale yellow color, light and bright, with a continuous bubble.



Super refreshing beer, with soft citrus aromas thanks to black lime.



Smooth and refreshing, slightly acidic and slightly salty. Ideal as an isotonic drink due to its low alcohol content.

  • Only packs of purchase of multiple 12 or 24 will be accepted. If you want to assemble your custom pack, do it from here.
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Perfect pairing for light meals. Perfect to take between meals, to quench your thirst with a lot of flavor.


Water, barley malt, wheat malt, cornflakes, hops, black lime, salt and yeast.


The Alisios winds brought our friend Eresé from the Tenerife brewer Jeito to the coast of Altea. The result of this trip was the Alisios beer, a tremendously refreshing and tropical Gose, perfect for the warm climate of both places. Gose is a historical style of sour beer, soft, refreshing and low-alcohol. We give you our personal point with black lime as a spice. Today it is the perfect style for athletes, or people looking for all the flavor in a beer but with a very low alcohol content and also a low caloric intake. As in all collaborations with other colleagues, we enjoyed, learned, laughed and made beer.

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